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"Benny Gordini & friends" (Larsen 2009)

Mais qui est donc ce Benny Gordini ? Est-ce cet homme portant lunettes, cheveux longs, chemise mi-ouverte et coiffe artisanale qu'on peut voir sur l'avant et l'arrière de la pochette ? La liste de Friends résout une partie de l'énigme, puisqu'on reconnaît les noms de l'Orchidée d'Hawai, des Slow Slushy Boys et des B Soul All Stars, des groupes qui gravitent dans le giron du label savoyard Larsen, une institution dans le cercle des indépendants. Si on voulait s'attarder sur le label on dirait tout simplement qu'il est l'un des très bons pourvoyeurs de sons naviguant entre la soul et le rn'b - et le bon, celui qui se faisait à Chicago ou à Detroit peu avant les années soixante. On en déduit que l'homme-phare du projet, ce Benny Gordini, qui chante sur les morceaux joués par les copains, est un proche de la team Larsen. Ce disque est une compilation de reprises par les excellents de L'Orchidée D'Hawai, les mythiques Slow Slushy Boys dont l'amalgame rock-soul est toujours impeccable, les B Soul All Stars, combo reggae-soul particulièrement inspiré, Curlee Wurlee, les hollandais de Waistcoats, et Teen' Axel Soul Orchestra, bref, que des artistes maison. Ils reprennent dans la joie et l'allégresse des morceaux de Ray Baretto, d'Arthur Alexander, des Isley Brothers et même de Fela Kuti et les moulinent façon Larsen. Comprendre : le groove est bon, le son est chaud et les voyages et expérimentations sonores ne sont jamais loin, à l'image du morceau d'ouverture, Babalu par l'Orchidée d'Hawai, avec une base soul, une saignée dans le surf et une fin débridée en mode Livre de la Jungle. Les rythmes chaloupés, les vagues de sonorités caribéennes, l'orgue omniprésent de Teen'Axel et les cuivres élastiques sont partout et rendent ce disque assez singulier et vraiment recommandable. Preuve que le mix reggae-soul-garage a une alternative à la soupe radiophonique estampillée rhythm n'quelque chose servie ces dernières années. D'ailleurs il n'y aucune chance pour que vous entendiez un morceau de ce Get Soul ! à la radio, c'est pourquoi il va falloir aller chez le gentil disquaire vous en procurer une copie et l'écouter jalousement entre désormais initiés. Une vraie réussite et un gros coup de coeur pour ce disque, qui devrait en principe vous inciter à aller fouiner sur le site de Larsen Recordz... (Mr Orange-Un disque un jour)


"Love & Affection" (B Soul 2004)

Larsen’s subsidiary B-Soul label continues it’s delivery of some of the best vintage soul sounds to be heard these days. This time around, it’s The Slow Slushy Boys, showing their “love & affection”, as well as competence, for the genre. Wearing their influences on the sleeve, they cover some obscure super cool dance grooves such as Motor City’s Nathaniel Mayer’s (I Want) Love & Affection (Not The House Of Correction) or Shotgun Boogaloo, as well as some more familiar, but equally cool material like the Turners’ I Can’t Believe What You Say, Garnet Mimms’ Look Away or Arthur Conley’s I’m Gonna Forget About You. But they sure know their own way through it too, as proven by the Stax-astic pair of When Will We Get The Power and the MGs-like instrumental organ-isation Slush Puppy. There’s also the white-boy blue-eyed soul side of the band, heard through their own Be Natural and even some moody Zombie-heaven of Never Bad Times. File under floor-filler Northern Soul classic in the making. (Pop Diggers)


"Benny Gordini & Teen'Axel - Ring-A-dang Doo" (B Soul 2003)

Quel plaisir de se poser enfin, après une journée (un samedi ?) de boulot, et pouvoir entendre démarrer le son provenant du sillon d'un album de Benny Gordini. (suite chronique Action Time... & Vision)


7" "Shotgun Boogaloo / Why" - Soundflat rds 2003

The sixties are alive and well in the new millennium! The Slow Slushy Boys have returned with a real screamer. Junior Walker would be proud. The A-side of this particular piece of brilliance, “Shotgun Boo-ga-loo”, is so great that I don’t really know where to begin. The band is tight, Teen Axel is merciless on the organ, and Benny’s vocals are a real treat. The B-side, “Why (I Want To Know)”, is 2:20 of pure, unadulterated joy. As with the A-side, the interplay between the vocal and organ is outstanding. And, once again, each member of the band turns in a great performance. Shotgun Boo-ga-loo is at once fresh and classic. Definitely not to be missed. Ryan Richardson 2003 - Hammondbeat

The Slushies can really move a groove and by now you all should know that Mohair Sweets cannot resist a quality groove. Every new release moves the Slushy Boys closer and closer to a becoming a full-on funky monster that hardcore raw funk and boogaloo fans will be name-dropping at their weekly meetings. This baby is a double-sided dancer and makes its home at the top of the 45 pile when it's time to get down. Righteous. Mohair sweet


7" "Slush Puppy/ Das weiss der Teufel" - Butterfly rds 2003

Every once in while, in this business, a surprise happens. That was the case when a batch of 7” singles arrived at the Hammondbeat offices from Les Slow Slushy Boys. I was familiar with them from a split 7” from several years ago that they did with the Medway act The Kravin’ A’s. But, I was completely unprepared for the 60’s style soul that emanated from my stereo. The A-side of this gem, “Slush Puppy”, sounds as hot and funky as any vintage Wilson Pickett, Jr. Walker or Booker T track, and yet still has the freshness of today’s scene. How they pulled this off, I’m not quite sure, but the results are sure fine. The B-side, “Das Weiss Der Teufel”, manages to kick just as much ass as the A-side. The organ riffs and driving soul beats completely immerse the listener, and refuse to let up until they’re done having their wicked way with you. One complaint, though guys… Couldn’t you have put more songs on this, or made it last longer, or something? Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to play these songs again (and again… and again… and again…). Ryan Richardson 2003 - Hammondbeat

Two fab frenchy instros with the marvellous tones of band leader Denis' teenage son's solid keyboards and 'ye ye' backing from Phil Suggitt's faves Les Godzillas on 'Slush Puppy'. This is truly great stuff, and I'm so pleased things are still on the up for this fine band that we have supported since Gravedigger #1 Both of these are the finest instros released on Butterfly and give everything else out there, including The JTQ, a bloody good run for their money. This is ready-made, or should I say tailor-made, for the mod dancefloor. 'Das Weiss Der Teufel' will be a floor filler. It really doesn't get much groovier than this!!!! Jon 'Mojo' Mills (shindig)

Wow, a brand new tittyshaker, and one of the highest calibre as well. I Just received this in the post today to review for the site but it turned out to be so f*cking hot that it found its way into this feature also. The A-side is a psych organ stomper with more than a hint of sixties euro pop jerk, think Brigitte Bardot's 'St Tropez' re-recorded by Claude Bolling and you are almost there. However as good as that is the flip side is the one for me, a wild spazzed-out mod organ workout of equal frenzied pace to 'Shhhhhhhhhh for a little while' with just a tad of Allan Hawkshaw/ Keith Mansfield thrown in for good measure. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED FOR YOU HIPSHAKERS! Soul Generation

This is doing it for me at the moment in a big way, it’s got to be one of the most exciting new sixties organ movers I’ve heard since the Boogaloo Investigators dropped their first 45. Two sides of blistering Rn’B stomp with more than a hint of sixties French Jerk to it, this is a must have for any self-respecting hipster or Go-Go girl. Already featured in my Tittyshaker chart after only 1 listen. It seems that there are more fantastic releases coming out now than ever before and what’s more these are not re-issues of old acts but are new and exciting bands on the scene, do your bit to support this talent and buy the records. Soul Generation



"Party ! & Don't Worry About It" (Larsen 2001)

Si vous écoutez en boucle les derniers albums des Dirtbombs, des Sexareenos, des Come Ons ou des Detroit Cobras, en priant pour qu'un groupe français sorte un disque du même niveau, et bien ne cherchez pas plus loin. Ce nouvel Lp des Slow Slushy Boys est exactement ce qu'il vous faut ! Très soul avec des touches funky, et surtout incroyablement dansant, ce disque est une merveille ! 14 titres pour faire la fête à go-go et quelques reprises bien senties (Clovers, Ikettes, etc) je n'ai qu'une chose à dire : bravo et vivement une grande tournée française ! (Nico, SDZ)


"Boogaloo" (Larsen 2000)

Les Slows l'ont encore fait !“ On les croyait perdus à jamais, distraits par les chemins de traverse empruntés avec Stompin Harvey et ses wreckers rapides. Mais l'apparition d'un é-nième joyeux (et jeune) luron à l'orgue a remis les pendules à l'heure. Les Slows re-formés pour l'occasion s'en sont donc payés une tranche (de vinyle) à Londres au Toe Rag. Dans ce cinquième opus, on note une forte concentration d'âme, avec un thème voulu trés teenage-chicano, à la limite de l'hommage non voilé aux Question Mark. D'ailleurs je ne l'invente pas, la reprise du cool “Ain't it a shame“ est un aveu.Loin de plagier cependant, les chambériens nous fournissent leur ratio d'originaux milésimés et “You get the soul, She Demon, Everyday and every night (Arthur A. où es tu ?...) ou “Teenage rumble“ valent à eux seuls l'achat de la galette. Bref, encore un coup de maître !(qui après eux pourra nous fournir cette dose de soul en france ?) Cependant, et ce sera le seul bémol, on aurait préféré, venant du Toe Rag, un son plus clair et perçant.  Hector. (Here) 

Chiunque abbia una certa familiarità con la strategia della Larsen sa che questi francesi hanno le idee abbastanza chiare: incisioni rigorosamente in vinile, spesso e volontieri in mono, e una prolificità nel pubblicare dischi che lascia pensare che lavorano anche di notte! Va aggiunto che lavorano anche molto bene, a giudicare da un catalogo ricco di ottimi dischi beat e garage firmati da gruppi di diverse nazionalità.Con questo Boogaloo, gli Slow Slushy Boys, formazione francese attiva ormai dal lontano 1989 e con una discografia foltissima, hanno forse raggiunto la maturità. E per una volta tanto; il termine "maturità" non è per niente implicito di una mancanza di spontaneità; gli Slow Slushy Boys non hanno affatto perso la loro caratteristica freschezza. Parte del merito va sicuramente a Liam Watson ed ai già leggendari Toe Rag Studios di Londra (registrazioni di questo spessore danno ragione a chi sostiene che il vinile si fa preferire al CD per il suo calore), ma anche la band si la cava benissimo ("S" sta per slow e slushy, ma anche per stile e solidità!). Meravigliosi gli arrangiamenti vocali, e la sezione ritmica che Boogaloo farà un figurone alle feste. Ci sono quattordici canzoni che spaziano dal beat al rhythm & blues al garage al rock & roll, il tutto registrato in "glorioso mono". E che ne dite di un gruppo che incide cover di brani provenienti da artisti così diversi tra loro quali A.J. & the Stooges, i Golden Earring (sì, quelli di Radar Love!), Lee Perry, Arthur Alexander, Question Mark & the Mysterions, e Ron Haydock? Le composizioni targate Slow Slushy Boys sono altrettanto valide; melodie inconfondibilmente sixties, ma sempre con un pizzico di originalità.Infine, spendiamo una parola per la bella copertina: la fotografia in bianco/nero dei due ballerini in uno speakeasy dà subito un'idea dell'energia contenuta nei solchi. C'è perfino una dedica a King Coleman e Jet Harris (ebbene sì, i miti degli Slow Slushy Boys non potrebbero essere i soliti nomi scontati!). Gran bel disco, e la giovinezza delle faccia in copertina lascia sperare che la storia degli Slow Slushy Boys è appena iniziata. (Dominic Turner - JAMBOREE Italia)

The SSB are influenced by british beat and r&b from the 60s, but most recognizable are the organ and guitar riffs of the unsurpassed Monks. The opener 'Long long time', a cover of the Savages, sets the tone for the rest of the record: uptempo beat, a "crispy" organ sound, strong vocals and a superb production (in mono) from the hand of Liam Watson. Among the 6 covers of this album also stick out "Smoking Cigarettes" (of our own Golden Earrings), "the girl that radiates that charm" and the instrumental "night doctor" (lee perry). With these last 2 songs the band proves that it can also handle material from a different direction. The own compositions are fine too. Not too complex, short and powerful, great drive and played with a lot of conviction. Together with the Embrooks (reviewed last month in this column) the SSB are the saviours of beat music which does very well at parties [this sentence is also a bit strange in the dutch version - JHV]. Party Time! (andre koolmees - Smilin Ears - Holland)